Candle Making Kit Ideas

Candle Kits

How to Make Candle Kits

Candle making kits are a great idea to give as gifts. You can make your own personalized candle kits using items from around the house, in nature or even thrift store finds.

Looking to give a gift to a new bride? Make it personal by using something from her mom, a basket, trivet or grandma’s pan. Personalized candles make heart touching gifts. You could even add some candle scents like vanilla or lavender essential oils to the kit.

Personalized candles make heart touching gifts
Grandma’s copper pan

Teachers love candles and it’s as simple as rocks and jars. Kids can help assemble the candle kits as well! Have them find some rocks from outside and a jar. An old pickle jar or any food item jar that has a screw on lid works great! Just remember to wash it out and remove the label. Put the rocks in the jar and screw the lid on. If you don’t have a lid no problem. You can use a piece of fabric or plastic wrap and a rubber band or string. Choose a color of sand like wax and now you have just make a personalized gift that involved the kids and their teacher will love! You could even add some candle scents like essential oils to the kit.

Candlesand in glass jars
Candlesand crafting with glass jars

Candle Making Supplies

You won’t need any special candle making supplies or candle making equipment to create unique candle kits. You only need your imagination!

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