Craft granulated wax sand bucket

Candle Making Supplies Near Me

You need a gift. It could be for a teacher, parent, friend coworker, you name it
and you want this gift to be unique. Candles are nice but they are all the
same, taper candle molds, votive molds, cylinder molds, everything is in a
container. It’s time to think out of the box or mold! All the candle making
supplies are right in your own home, just add Candle Sand!

Candle Sand is a fine, sand like wax that pours into or onto any heat resistant surface and add a wick, it is just that simple! No need for a fancy container or votive, just look inside your own home or garage for a jar, dish, cup or that nick knack that someone gave you years ago that you don’t know what to do with. Pour some Candle Sand in it for personalized candles.

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