How to Make a Candle from a Thrift Store Find

Making candles has never been more fun! Now with Candle Sand you can turn ordinary objects into unique conversational pieces of art! No experience required!

You found what?

Your at a thrift store or flea market ad you see somthing unique! You have no idea of how you would use it but you just like it and now it's yours!

Creative Candle Design

How To Make A Candle 4 Ways


Straight-up Candle Idea

The simplest way of making this candle! Just open the Candle Sand and pour! What color of sand will you use?

Upside Down

Flip it Over Candle Idea

With just a small adjustment this bowl becomes a unique candle. And this one spins!


Lets Get Sandy

Go ahead and pour Candle Sand to create a wonderous illusion. Be sure to create with heat-resistant supplies. 


3 Wick Candle Idea

You choose how many wicks your candle should have. The sand that doesn’t melt is reusable too!.