Imagine the Possibilities!

Candle Sand

Imagine the possibilities of making your own personalized candles without the need for special candle making equipment! Candle Sand is an fine, sand like wax for candles that you simply pour onto most heat resistant surfaces to uniquely decorate your home, office or store.  Family heirlooms now become a center piece on your table. Turn a wedding or baby shower into the talk of the town by creating one-of-a-kind floating candles. You can even design your own candle making kits as thank you gifts for teachers, guests or birthdays. The possibilities are endless!

It’s time to think outside of the jar!

Truly Revolutionary

Candle Sand is a fine sand like wax made of natural products.

Choose any heat resistant surface or container.

Step 1

Pour Candlesand

Pour the desired amount of Candle Sand into or on top of any fireproof surface. 

Step 2

Inserting the wick

2, 8″ wicks are included with every bag. Insert the wick into the Candle Sand. Trim the wick to allow 1/2 inch showing above the sand.

Step 3

Light the wick

A 1-inch wick will burn for about 3 hours, the candle will go out on its own. Let the top layer layer of the wax COMPLETELY dry and then simply lift the thin top layer of wax and discard. The remaining sand may be reused in another amazing creation!