Imagine the Possibilities!

Candle Sand

Sand Candles

by Candle Sand

Sand Candles, by Candle Sand! Imagine the Possibilities of making your own personalized candles without the need for special candle making equipment! Candle Sand is a fine, sand like “wax for candles’ with out the need for tapered candle molds or electric wax warmers. 

DIY Candles are easy with Candle Sand. Add candle scents, such as, fragrance oil to make a scented candle and to change the texture of the sand. 

  • Repurposed family heirlooms are given new life and function. 
  • Bring excitement to a wedding or baby shower by creating a Sand Candle Bar for guest .
  • You can even design your own candle making kits as thank you gifts for teachers, friends and birthday presents. 
  • Store owners, accessorize your windows with Candle Sand and draw customers inside to see more with a glorious sand candle pouring onto the shelves. 

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Repurpose and Reuse! The sand candles on this website were made from repurposed items. No need to buy special candle containers when you can reuse what you already have.

Choose a heat-resistant surface or container.

Step 1

Pour Candle sand

Pour the desired amount of Candle Sand into or on top of a heat-resistant surface. 

Step 3

light the wick

A 2-inch wick will burn for about 3 hours, the candle will go out on its own. The longer the wick, the longer the burn.

Step 2

Inserting the wick

2, 8″ wicks are included with every bag. Cut a wick piece and insert into the Candle Sand. Position the wick piece so that ¼ inch sticks out of the sand.

Step 4


Let the top layer layer of the wax COMPLETELY dry and then simply lift the thin layer of wax and discard. The remaining sand may be reused in another amazing creation!

Think Outside the Candle Jar!

This DIY Candle was made from a metal planter and Burgundy Candle Sand.