Bring memories back to life by repurposing them. A glass, a plate, or a shell you found on the beach. Bring those meaningful items out from the closet and rethink the way that they are used.  Pour Candle Sand into any heat resistant container or surface and enjoy the moment.

Your Ideas, Your Way

Candle Sand is the perfect product that gives life to meaningful items around the house. Your favorite wine glass, a family heirloom or something that you picked up because you just liked it. All of your candle making supplies are right at your fingertips. Making personalized candles are as easy as pouring the sand like wax for candles directly onto an fireproof surface. Create your on candle scents by simply adding a few drops of essential oil directly into the wax.  No need for an electric wax warmer! 

Now with Candle Sand everything can have a new purpose!





Yes, Candle Sand floats on water! Simply fill a fireproof container with water and add Candle Sand, insert a wick and light!